Functioning of the society:

This organization started in Nov-2010 with the motive to reach out to the needy and the Destitute. The people involved in this organization are from different fields of life who donate Rs.200 and above every month for the various campaigns, which would be used for the welfare of the needy.


The society is divided into various departments based on its nature for the effective functioning of the society. The teams coordinate among themselves regarding the functions and come up with an efficient output in all their deeds.

Active places of operation:

VJS is prevalent in three cities namely Hyderabad, Chennai & Bangalore and is on the verge of rapid expansion.

Events Conducted:

VJS is very active in conducting various events in many orphanages, Old Age homes, Borstal Schools etc. The events will be conducted every month at the centers of operation on a regular basis.

Notable Achievements:

Vadaanya Janaa Society has been very effective right from its initiation due to the relentless and dedicated efforts by its members. VJS was one among the organizing board of the AIDS Campaign conducted at Hyderabad against AIDS, where children from many districts were encouraged and morally motivated about their livelihood. The Society received an Award of Appreciation for the same.

VJS has received many words of appreciations from prominent Statesman and Dignitaries and got valuable suggestions that could be implemented for the social empowerment.