About Vadaanya

Vadaanya Janaa Society is a non-profitable organization established in Nov 2010 and registered under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 (Act no 35 of 2001), With Registered no: 1433/2010.

How it started:

Watching the motherland carry many needy and under-privileged people we felt it incumbent on us to carry a part of the burden on ourselves. Thus Vadaanya Janaa Society was born to realize that helping the country is not a burden but a pleasure that gives immense satisfaction to all the hearts associated with it.VJS is the brainchild of people who has similar ideology and aspiration to reach out to the society for a social cause and of people who has nothing but one thought in their mind ‘A BETTER INDIA‘.

“The team of Vadaanya consists mainly of youth from different walks of life”


Vadaanya was formed to envisage a society where in, the living standards of the destitute and the needy will be greatly improved, which can be achieved through providing better resources and mobilizing public participation. It aims to greatly improve access to education among lower strata of the society by offering adequate opportunities and financial support to the deserving candidates from their schooling to graduation in line with the principle of “Right to Education”.


Vadaanya intends to achieve the outlined objectives in a phased manner with primary focus on providing education opportunities based on merit by funding scholarships, sponsoring tuition fee and also collaborating with various education institutions for offering free seats. In addition to this, it would also support orphanages, old age homes and other similar organizations with financial as well as manpower support whenever needed. Further, it also plans to design and nurture a social entrepreneurship model in near future to ensure sustainable generation of financial resources to support the activities outlined above.


  • To help the poor and needy by providing basic necessities such as food, clothing & shelter.
  • To Transform the education system by providing an equal platform to all the children irrespective of their status but based only on their zeal to learn.
  • To assist and support other organizations that strive for the cause of visually challenged, old aged, orphaned and AIDS affected people.
  • To make people realize that it is incumbent on them to serve the society & thereby the nation.
  • To bring awareness in the society about the importance of Education, health and hygiene.
  • To provide financial aid to social organizations suffering due to lack of funds.
  • To promote this organization throughout the country and to encourage the youth and people of all age groups to actively participate in the process there by serving a noble cause.